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Alternatives to Aspirin for Dogs

Oct 28, 2014

When a dog is in pain, most owners would do just about anything to make them feel better. For a human ache, one of the first things we do is reach for a bottle of Aspirin – but what can we reach for when it comes to our canine companions?

While small amounts of Aspirin can be safe to give to an adult dog (but never puppies or cats!), many pet owners want to know what else is available to help their canine companions. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to aspirin for dogs.

A common holistic pain-relief treatment for both humans and animals is Arnica. It can be used topically, but more popularly is taken as a small pill. The topical ointments, oils and tinctures of Arnica can be harmful if taken internally, so be sure to differentiate between the kinds you’re taking (the pill form is highly diluted and safe to swallow). Some guidelines on how to use Arnica, by Dr. Jill Elliott, are available here.

For longer-term pain relief, also consider giving your dog fish oil. Fish oil has been shown to decrease inflammation of all kinds, and we know that inflammation equals pain. The Whole Dog Journal gives a great background on fish oil here

If your dog’s pain is a result of arthritis, there are a few longer-term things you can do to alleviate the pain. It’s very important to make sure your pet is a healthy weight. Overweight animals risk having a significantly shortened lifespan, and extra weight puts more stress on their joints, which can lead to bone and joint problems as they age. Also consider a Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM supplement. Sometimes these supplements can help your pet move better in just a matter of weeks, and they come in many delicious tablet and treat forms that your dog will probably eat with gusto.

Finally, if you want to treat your dog’s pain easily and without any pills, consider the Assisi Loop™ and tPEMF™ (targeted pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy. Approved by the FDA for human use, tPEMF has been shown to drastically reduce pain from osteoarthritis, diminish swelling after surgery, and can help heal wounds and acute injuries faster.

The Assisi Loop is a light, portable 7.5-inch loop of wire that emits a football-shaped field of electromagnetic waves. Simply place the Loop over the place where your animal is sore and press the “on” button. tPEMF fields enhance nitric oxide (NO) production, which is essential to controlling swelling and inflammation. tPEMF microcurrents stimulate the release of NO. This speeds along the recovery process, and, in many cases, quickly reduces swelling, inflammation and pain.

When using the Assisi Loop for two (or more) 15-minute treatments per day, pet owners have seen an incredible reduction in pain in their animal companions. As a completely safe, non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive therapy, owners can also rest assured that there are no negative effects like there can be with medications, whether human or veterinary. The only “side-effect” of the Loop is relatively rare, and is harmless: Some animals have been seen to twitch slightly in the area of treatment, and this is due to the new blood flow in those tissues as they “wake up.” The pet may feel a slight sensation like tingling, but it isn’t painful. If your pet seems put off by the feeling, feel free to reduce the length of treatments to 5 or 7 minutes; soon the twitching will stop, and you’ll be able to increase the length of treatment. Many pets even seem to enjoy the feeling of the Loop’s treatment.

If your dog suffers from osteoarthritis, post-operative pain, an acute injury, or pain from a wound, the Assisi Loop is a great choice for pain relief and healing.

To learn more about the Assisi Loop, contact our office by emailing or calling 866-830-7342.

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