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Assisi Animal Health Celebrates Cats in October

Oct 06, 2014

Did you know that October 29 is National Cat Day? Founded in 2005 as an opportunity to shed light on the number of homeless cats needing adoption, National Cat Day is an opportunity to celebrate all things feline in our lives. 

To raise awareness for National Cat Day and to celebrate our feline companions, we are asking our fans to share their favorite memory of their cat, along with a photo, on our Facebook page!

Artist Justin Canha has offered to create short animated portraits for 3 photos. We will be allowing fans to vote for their favorite photo submissions from 10/24 – 10/28. The top 3 photos will be sent to Justin to animate!

Assisi Animal Health loves cats, and we are proud to be a technology that works especially well on feline ailments, especially when other treatments can fail. Cats can be very hard to read when it comes to pain and sickness, and to make matters worse, most cats are very sensitive to medications. As a result, treatment options for things like pain and swelling are few and far between. Besides, have you ever tried to pill a cat? Even if your cat can take medication, it can be World War III trying to get it down their throat.

This is why the Assisi Loop is especially helpful for cats – because it is a non-drug, non-invasive treatment, cats tolerate it much better than many medications. Not only that, but a lot of cats really enjoy receiving Loop treatments. Because the Loop stimulates the body’s own healing process, rather than introducing a new substance (like a medication), even a sensitive cat body can handle it easily. Some cats do react to the first few times a Loop is used, simply because they may feel a slight tingling sensation during treatment, but it’s not painful and usually goes away quickly. (If it seems to bother your cat in the beginning, try reducing treatments to 5 or 7 minutes each, and slowly working the length of treatment back up to the full 15 minutes.)

Assisi has worked with some wonderful animals over the years, and some of our favorites have been kitties. Here are a few spotlights …

catblog1.pngLil BUB: As our very own celebrity cat, Lil BUB has charmed scores of folks (she has over 1 million “likes” on Facebook)  with her wide-eyed, limp-tongued face and her ability to overcome great odds. BUB is a dwarf cat with osteopetrosis. Osteopetrosis is an exceedingly rare condition that has only been documented a single time in cats – as in, BUB is literally the only cat in the world known with this bone disease. It causes her bones to become overly brittle and dense, prone to pain and breakage. BUB had already achieved internet stardom when she began to lose mobility and soon was hardly able to walk. Her “dude,” Mike, became afraid she may have to be euthanized. Thankfully, a fan came forward and told Mike about the Loop – and the rest is history. He began using the Loop and was shocked by the improvement in BUB. Now, after a year and a half (as of this writing), BUB has gone from being practically immobile to playing, running, jumping, and climbing the stairs with ease. We are thrilled to be in BUB’s corner. 

Arthritis-02.jpgAutumn: As cats age, they often develop arthritis, but it can be hard to tell when your cat is in pain. Thankfully, 18-year-old Maine Coon Autumn’s owner Ellen is very tuned-in to her cat’s needs, and was able to tell that Autumn needed some help. When Autumn’s legs started to slide out from under her, Ellen took her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. After using the Loop, Ellen could see a difference in the way Autumn was walking. She improved quickly, and while she still does get physical therapy and pain medication, she is much more comfortable with the Loop than she would be without it. 

Dr-Tus-Cat-2.jpgHazelnut: After suffering a series of strokes, Hazelnut, who is owned by veterinarian Dr. Andrea Tu of New York City, experienced a number of complications. Her head was tilting to the left, and she had decreased feeling in her tongue. Her tongue hung out of her mouth due to the head tilt and she kept biting it by accident, causing it to become injured. She also lost her speech – meaning, she didn’t meow any more. After 2 ½ months of using the Loop, however, she was only falling to the left about 10-15% of the time, and her tongue almost completely healed.  Furthermore, she started meowing again for the first time since her strokes. 

catblog4.jpgSox: Sox has small-cell lymphoma in her small intestines, and as a result experiences nausea and discomfort. Her owners use the Loop to help her to feel better. As you can see, she certainly appears to feel great in this photo! She currently gets anti-nausea injections, but her owner Colleen is using the Loop as well as acupuncture to hopefully wean her off the injections. Colleen shared her picture via Facebook. 

catlbog2.jpgWoody and Max: “My cats are Norwegian Forest breed. They are both males, 14 years old, and are brothers but not litter mates. Max has 75% kidney failure and arthritis. The Assisi Loop is of benefit for treating the pain of arthritis and movement. I also believe the loop helps with the kidney. ... Woody had pancreatitis and was in great pain after eating. He was slowly losing weight because of the pain. The Assisi Loop has brought him back to his normal self. Both of my boys receive treatment from Dr. Stephanie Medcroft for acupuncture, herbs, and Assisi Loop. … I know that the health of my cats has greatly improved with the use of the Assisi Loop and would recommend it to everyone.” -- Carol O., shared on Facebook

We love our cat patients, and this month we are especially interested in hearing about all the ways owners love their felines. To raise awareness for National Cat Day on October 29th and celebrate our feline companions, we are asking our fans to share their favorite memory of their cat, along with a photo. Artist Justin Canha has offered to create short animated portraits for 3 photos. We will be allowing fans to vote for their favorite photo submissions from 10/24 – 10/28. The top 3 photos will be sent to Justin to animate!

Feel free to e-mail your story to or post to our Facebook page. We’ll be celebrating cats all month long in October, so feel free to call (866-830-7342) or e-mail us to learn more about how the Loop could help your cat!

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