I am writing to you as the new Chairman of Assisi Animal L John Wilkerson Health. We are pleased to tell you that Assisi is now operating independently from Ivivi Health Sciences. This will allow us to focus solely on technology as it serves animals. I want to thank you for your past support of the Assisi Loop and to share a bit about how we plan to provide even better products and services in the years ahead.


My career has been dedicated to advancing medical technology starting with my initial involvement with Johnson & Johnson where I evaluated market potential for research flowing from their R&D and then onward to co-founding a medical industry investment fund where we played a significant role in building 85 companies. The core of my work has been about getting great products and services into the hands of the professionals who provide care. The chance to build companies that help others (human and now animal) is what excites me and keeps me constantly searching for great new products.


I first learned how the Assisi Loop was being embraced by veterinarians while serving on the Board of Ivivi Health Sciences, the company that developed the human version. Month after month I watched sales and saw that more and more veterinarians were ordering the product.


In fact, the number of veterinarians using it nearly doubled in 2013, as did the number of animals being treated. Midway through 2013, I began speaking with veterinarians about their experiences and liked what I heard.   The result is, in December, I acquired the licensing and distribution rights for the product we refer to as the Assisi Loop. I began building an experienced management team and since then we have all been carefully listening to you, our customers, about where you have found our products most productive and where we might assist you in using them more effectively.


Here is an early look at what you can expect from us as we strive to better serve animals, owners, and veterinary professionals in the year ahead:


  • Reach out to you to learn more about specific applications where our product works best.
  • Share what we learn from your colleagues through multiple modalities including:
    – our website
    – on-site and on-line professional seminars
    – email blasts (like this one)
  • Fund a professionally designed and executed clinical trial.   The Assisi Loop’s technology is FDA cleared for human use but our intent is to complete a small animal trial.
  • Enhance our website so that we are able to:
    – share useful clinical findings
    – educate animal owners, and
    – direct animal owners to your practice.


Most likely you will receive calls from us, asking about your specific use of the product and where you are seeing your best results.   I know how busy you are, but please take the time to speak with us, and share your insights. We rely on you for guidance and in return, we commit to continuously improving our products and services.



John Wilkerson, PhD, Chairman

Assisi Animal Health

Feel free to send us feedback by email:  info@assisianimalhealth.com.