Announcing Calmer Canine®, a Revolutionary Canine Separation Anxiety Solution from Assisi Animal Health — the world’s leading expert on the use of tPEMF™ on animals.

1 in 7 dogs in the US suffers from the vexing and disturbing issue of separation anxiety. It’s historically been treated with medication or behavior modification. But now, science and technology enable us to offer a revolutionary treatment option for dogs with this disorder.

We developed Calmer Canine using a specifically tuned version of our targeted pulsed electromagnetic field signal (tPEMF) technology. The signal targets the anxiety center of a dog’s brain (the amygdala) and stimulates a dog’s natural ability to restore lasting emotional balance and calm.

  • The treatment is safe and sensation-free, with no side effects
  • Just two 15-minute sessions each day for four weeks
  • The device attaches to the convenience vest 

After four weeks of treatment, Calmer Canine improved the signs of separation anxiety in all dogs in a pilot study. Results from this study were presented in July 2019 at the IVBM Meeting in Washington, DC.

Our tPEMF products have been safely used on over 50,000 animals to treat pain and inflammation, and now Calmer Canine utilizes a new signal to treat anxiety.

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