Humans certainly aren’t the only creatures involved in sports. Many breeds of dogs are known for their athletic prowess and intense work ethic, so it’s no surprise that they’re also involved in the sporting world.


On August 29 and 30th, 2015, the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine hosts UT CARES, a conference at which pet owners and professional canine handlers are invited to learn about and discuss the various issues facing sporting and working dogs. The focus of this year’s conference will be on fun such as rally, obedience, and agility, helping paws in animal-assisted therapy, and care, including core strengthening and conditioning.


In this article about osteoarthritis in dogs, you can find more information about the UT CARES conference, or here find a way to gain free admission to the live broadcast of the event, care of event sponsors – which includes Assisi Animal Health!


The Assisi Loop is an invaluable tool for owners of working and sporting dogs to keep their animals conditioned and inflammation-free, so it’s no surprise that Assisi Animal Health is sponsoring this year’s UT CARES conference. For example, the Loop has helped animal athletes such as Mila the agility dog and Bill the barrel-racing horse, and many of our clients report that their sporting dogs are happier and healthier now that they have the Loop in their lives.


If you or someone you know has an interest in working and sporting dogs, check out UT CARES to learn more about the athletes of the animal world!