This year, countless pet owners struggled to bring their pets to the vet – and many vets struggled to keep their doors open. Rising to this challenge, Assisi adapted the way we do business in order to meet the evolving needs of both professionals and pet owners.

To ensure the continuation of care, Assisi made the decision to relax prescription requirements in March of 2020, while also introducing a new rebate program for veterinarians. These changes allowed us to continue to support vets – while also empowering pet owners with a therapy they could administer in the comfort of home. Assisi’s weekly newsletters throughout 2020 helped to reinforce this sense of community, while also providing helpful resources for pet owners, shelters, and veterinarians.

We didn’t stop there, taking to the web in order to create an educational presence: Assisi University. This one-of-a-kind platform has transformed into a robust online community that continues to provide a space in which both professionals and pet owners can ask questions and learn from the brightest minds in the veterinary world. Assisi’s online educational presence grew substantially in 2020, with webinars reaching thousands of vets, shelters, and pet owners. With the help of our team of Key Opinion Leaders, the opportunities for continuing education and innovation are endless. 

In a year of heightened anxiety, Assisi also recognized that we had a product that could transform the lives of anxious dogs: The Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System. Eager to support the influx of animals surrendered to shelters and placed in foster homes, we took action. Teaming up with some of the largest shelters in the United States, Assisi offered charitable contributions and product donations. These donations have helped countless pets find permanent homes by treating the behaviors that had made them so hard to house.

As 2020 came to an end, we may not have been able to celebrate in person, but this didn’t stop Assisi’s giving spirit. On behalf of our Key Opinion Leaders, we gave back last holiday season, donating to charities near and dear to our KOLS’ hearts.

As we enter 2021, Assisi is stronger than ever. No matter what challenges may come, we will face them head-on, constantly evolving in order to continue to provide revolutionary pain, inflammation, and anxiety relief to pets everywhere.