Daji with Loop 2.JPGThe average age for a pet Cockatiel is 15-20 years, so that Daji hit age 30 is impressive in and of itself. The bird began showing signs of old age, however, and wasn’t flying any longer – furthermore, he started developing redness and inflammation on the pads of his left foot. In addition to arthritis, this caused him to slow down in general. He often sat perched with one foot elevated and his eyes closed, as if waiting for the pain to pass.


His owners visited Dr. Robert Ness of Ness Exotic Wellness Center in Lisle, Illinois, to see if they could make Daji more comfortable. Dr. Ness prescribed painkillers and applied laser therapy, but Daji still didn’t seem to be as comfortable as he could be.


Having recently heard about the Assisi Loop™ from Joe Thompson of Musculoskeletal Therapies for Animals, Dr. Ness approached Daji’s owners with the potential benefits of tPEMF therapy. Dr. Ness told them it could aid in reducing the bird’s pain and inflammation, and could then reduce the need to visit the clinic for laser treatments. The owners were excited about the possibility and elected to take a Loop home to try.


Within days, not only did Daji’s foot improve, but his overall energy level and mood were suddenly greatly elevated. The Assisi Loop helped reduce his arthritic inflammation so much that he actually took to the air! He flew again for the first time in many years, surprising his owners and Dr. Ness alike.


Daji with Loop.JPGInitially, the Loop was used twice a day for 15 minutes each session. After three weeks, treatment was reduced to one 15-minute treatment per day, for maintenance of Daji’s good mood and comfort level.


About a month later, Dr. Ness reports, Daji only continued to improve and now flies regularly. “He was much more energetic, vocal and active in general,” Dr. Ness writes. “He is now flying again, which he really hadn’t been doing in years. The clients are very pleased with the results using the Assisi Loop. They feel like they have their younger Daji back and he no longer acts like a geriatric bird.”


Recent update from Daji’s owner:


“Daji’s foot has been completely healed for a while now and he has been doing quite well in every way–at least he’s back enjoying his life as a 30-year-old cockatiel.


I think a lot of people would have just given up on him as an elderly bird when he got sick and his foot was causing him pain and problems but as we kept trying all the treatments and the Assisi Loop every day, he gradually became stronger and got back to a normal happy life. We are so glad we had patience and stuck it out with him.”


In June 2002, Dr. Ness started Ness Exotic Wellness Center as an alternative to the typical veterinary hospital. He continues to develop his wealth of knowledge by adding new and innovative treatments to his practice, becoming widely respected and regarded in the field of Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine, especially in the field of Holistic Therapy. He is presently one of the very few practitioners in the country practicing Holistic Therapy for Avian and Exotic Pets.