The Covid pandemic has certainly changed many aspects of life across the spectrum, and animal care is one of those aspects. Fortunately, most animals are still able to obtain the care they need as long as clinics are open and able to care for animals. I am gratefully surprised at how busy my physical rehabilitation and wellness center has been during the pandemic. I am also beyond grateful so many animals are receiving the care they need. Quarantine time has perhaps given many owners the opportunity to ‘see’ their dogs all day and become more mindful and/or aware of any aches, pains, or abnormalities. The extra time has allowed them to pursue treatments for their pain, inflammation, and/or dysfunction as well. Owners are able to become more familiar with their animals’ functional restrictions and problems.
With the uncertainty of the pandemic, as well the desire to offer the best care, the Assisi products are optimal for home use with just about every animal coming into the rehabilitation clinic. The Assisi Loop has always been part of our gold standard in the multimodal approach in all of our cases. Whether the patient is able to come in once or twice a week, or once or twice a month, the Assisi Loop is a component of the home exercise program. Postoperative cases, osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease, hip or elbow dysplasia, soft tissue injuries, and much more may all benefit from the Assisi Loop. I have always promoted this gold standard, however, now more than ever, the Assisi Loop has become an integral part of the home care program. Many owners, as well as practitioners, are fearful quarantine restrictions may be prolonged or tightened at any point. The thought of not getting back out to assist their animal is distressing. Preparedness for their beloved pets has owners thinking beyond food, supplements and toys. Pain and inflammation control are just as important for applicable pets.
The promotion of the Assisi Loop or other products is not only beneficial to the patient, but also to the clinic’s reputation. Many owners are seeking an encompassing treatment for their pet, including a combination of pharmaceuticals, supplements and alternative care. Offering an array of treatments for owners and patients allows owners to make a choice. Chances are, most owners have done research on their dogs’ condition and examined options. Assisi products are high on their list of options, and many owners are comforted to know a clinic is prepared to offer options in the multimodal approach. And as I mentioned, this is especially true during this pandemic time.
During these uncertain times, I definitely feel more comfortable knowing if a client cannot get into the clinic, I have already sent the healing home, when I prescribe an Assisi product to assist with the multimodal approach.