An Expert interview with Dr. Babette Gladstein, VMD


“What I get is a lot of hard cases—cases that other people have washed their hands of, and the client doesn’t want to go to surgery for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is financial, or it may be good instinct that that’s not the right alternative. Each case is unique and I’ll use any combination of massage, acupuncture, laser and more.


I primarily use the Assisi loop on neck cases, back cases, ACL injuries, and arthritic hip problems–anywhere where the problem can be helped with increased blood flow. I see a lot of back injury patients and often use prolotherapy, which is where I’m rebuilding tendons and ligaments over a period of months. This treatment is particularly productive but I have to deal with the pain involved. But we don’t use anti-inflammatories in my practice at all and I’m not a big fan of other pain medications because of the side effects.


That’s why I use the Assisi Loop—primarily for pain management, but also because it helps the animal heal faster and increases the speed at which I can do my rehabilitation. I used to rent out ultrasound machines to some clients, but we don’t do that anymore because it’s a lot of trouble. It is so much less complicated to send them home with a Loop, especially in terms of compliance—and we’re getting great results. The Assisi Loop has basically replaced ultrasound and TENS units for me.


I always engage a client in the rehabilitation of a dog or cat that is potentially in pain. Therapy is an ongoing process and any time the client is involved in the treatment it goes better. I want the client working at home and involved, without having to administer drugs, so I send them home with a Loop.  My clients report that the animal quiets down considerably when they use the Assisi Loop and then becomes more active after the treatment is over. It’s great to be able to give them something so easy and effective to use.


Rehab cases are complicated, and the Assisi Loop is a great tool to have. It helps the animal feel better and heal faster.”