We got this letter in the mail a few days ago, after we posted our interviews with Lil BUB’s Dude Mike, and BUB’s vet, Dr. Arthur Woodruff.  The Assisi Loop has restored BUB’s ability to walk, and has helped her regain many of her space-cat abilities that had been withering away here on Earth.  In our interview with Dr. Woodruff, we give a shout-out to the anonymous hero who had traveled from far away, told Dr. Woodruff and Mike about the Loop, and disappeared into the night.  It seems she found us- and it is too sweet story not to share.
Here’s the letter we received from the no-longer anonymous Libby Waterbury, without whom Lil BUB’s fate may have turned out differently. 


Lil BUB and friendz

Lil BUB and friendz

Dear Assisi Animal Health,


This is a story about coincidences. Bear with me – it’s worth it.


Today you published an interview on your website with internet-kitty-sensation Lil Bub’s veterinarian, Dr. Arthur Woodruff. At the end of the piece, you gave a kind shout-out to the “anonymous hero” who told Dude and Dr. Woodruff about the Loop.


I believe that may have been me. Or at least, I may have been one of a couple that day (though your product is the true hero of the story).


A little back info: My husband and I have been Bub fans for about a year. Aside from enjoying her irresistibly cute face, we’re both marketers, and we’ve loved watching her brand grow and change with her careful, patient Dude always at the helm. We’re also Iowans. Being midwesterners means we are rarely close enough to the cities where Bub and Dude do their meet-and-greets. So when it was announced that there would be a screening of her film in Bloomington, Indiana with a meet-and-greet to follow, we decided to make the 16-hour journey.


‘Lil BUB & Friendz’ is cute, funny and bittersweet. At the point in the movie when Bub has a medical emergency, many people in the theater were in tears. The sense that Bub’s life is very special but very fragile was palpable.


The meet-and-greet that followed was awesome; I was a little too star-struck to say anything to Dude about the Loop. But afterward, I couldn’t shake the sense that I wanted to offer up something that might help control Bub’s pain. I composed an email to BUB’s Dude on the drive home.


Now, I did not talk directly to Bub’s vet about the loop, which is why I say I probably wasn’t the only one who brought it up at her midwest movie premier. But if my email solidified in Dude’s mind the idea of using the Loop, then I couldn’t be more pleased.


But there is more to the story (here comes the string of coincidences). The only reason I knew about the Loop is because of my family vet, Dr. Tom Taylor of Den Herder Veterinary Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa, whom you featured on your website a couple of months ago. He was interviewed about Otis, the black lab with Labrador Neuropathy. Otis and his owners, Mike and Diane, are our long-time neighbors in Waterloo. And the cat that Dr. Taylor references in the interview, the one with the bi-lateral hip fracture, is my parents’ cat, Figaro. I had encouraged my parents to talk to Dr. Taylor about the Assisi Loop after reading Diane rave about Otis’s improvements on Facebook.


We love happy stories- thanks Libby, you made all the difference!


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