If you don’t already know Lil BUB you should check out the quirky, sensational, and completely adorable BUB on her website www.lilbub.com.  Come back after you’ve gotten your dose of ridiculously cute for the day. 


Lil BUB has some unusual health challenges, she is a dwarf cat, and she also has a condition called osteopetrosis, which causes her bones to become too dense, and overgrow.  The effect is the opposite of osteoporosis where the bones become less dense and brittle. 


This rare inherited condition happens an average of 1 in 250,000, according to osteopetrosis.org.  The effects of this are painful and crippling.   Despite the care and attention of her owner and some of the best vets around, BUB was no longer able to walk.  There was little they could do to help but give pain medication.  She was even given a possible death sentence a few months ago. 


BUB’s dude, Mike Bridavsky, was told he might have to put her down within weeks.  At the time BUB could only crawl and was without the use of her front legs.  Mike was devastated, but luckily a fan of BUB’s told he and his vet Dr. Woodruff, about the Assisi Loop.  We talk to Mike now, nearly two months into BUB’s treatment with the Loop and her miraculous recovery.


CJ:  Hi Mike, Good Morning.  Is BUB there with you now?


Mike Bridavsky, BUB’s Dude:  Yes, she’s here, she just jumped into my lap right now.


CJ:  I hear the Loop is helping, what changes have you seen so far?


Mike:   It’s pretty extreme with BUB.  In December she was to the point where she wasn’t walking. They told us she had two weeks before her body parts stopped working.  The specialist we saw (not Dr. Woodruff) told me if things got worse I might have to put her down in a month.  At the time BUB could barely crawl and was without the use of her front legs.  It was pretty horrible, it was one of the worst times in my life.


CJ:  This must feel a lot better.


Mike:  Yes, it’s pretty awesome; I’m still in shock a little at how much (the Loop) has helped. Yesterday she ran and jumped, picking up her toy twice.  When she was a wee kitten, before we even knew that things would be really messed up, she was running around like a rabbit, like a bunny hop.  The back two legs working at the same time, and the front two at the same time.  She did that this morning.  It’s been a year and a half since that’s happened.  She was 4 months old the last time she did that. I saw that happen this morning which really blew my mind.


CJ:  Is she off all the pain medications right now?


Mike:  No pain medication.  I took her off.  She was taking Prednisolone.  We used that when she had relapses and when she was clearly in a lot of pain. She has not been on anything in a couple of months (since we started using the Loop.)  I still give her Dasuquin every day, it’s supposed to be preventative for arthritis.


CJ:  Dasquin is a nutrient (glusocamine and chondroitin) so it’s something the Loop can’t do.  The Loop can’t be a nutrient- so it’s a great combination together.


You’ve told me some of the behaviors she’s resumed since she started to use the Loop, can you tell me more?


Because of oste-petrosis, BUB's bones continue to grow, causing her pain.

Mike:  As a kitten, she would run, jump, play, you know, like a kitten, and then as she was growing older and we discovered she has this disease, which is called osteo-petrosis.  Her mobility became severely limited, to the point where we had two really bad situations and she was essentially completely immobile.  Her front leg was pinned to her chest, she couldn’t walk.  I don’t know if you’ve seen x-rays, but what I think is due to her extremely weird-shaped bones, is that her muscles and ligaments are really tense.  They’re trying to work around the bone structure, so I think her muscles get (pulled) really easily.


In December I took her to a specialist (not Dr. Woodruff) and he diagnosed osteopetrosis and said “Those bones are going to continue to keep growing very rapidly, so within two weeks her jaw will freeze.  In a month her back legs will stop working.”  It was really horrible.  So the first thing, what actually saved her at the time, was someone recommended Reiki healing.  So I hired an energy healer, which I was pretty skeptical about, but I didn’t have any other choice, so she came every morning for an hour for two weeks.  After five days, BUB started walking again.  I started learning it on my own as well because BUB would have relapses.


You can see how the bones are dense, but not as dense as BUB's, and their shape is completely different!

CJ:  So the Reiki helped her get back on her feet?


Mike:  She was starting to get better from the Reiki.  By better, I mean she was just back to how she was prior to when she couldn’t walk at all.  She was still having a hard time moving around, but at least she was happy and in a good mood again.  I don’t think she was in pain anymore, but she still had trouble walking around.  She did this Army crawl, where she basically pushed with her back legs and slid her front half around.  It was really cute, she wasn’t even using her front paws.  Before we got the Loop, when she was at her best, she would only move around when she had to; which was to get food. That was a big ordeal for her, and I sometimes had to help her.  I would have to take her to use the bathroom.  She would get up to go number 2 if she had to, but often she would pee where she was sitting.


CJ: How fast did you start noticing the Loop was helping?

I would say I started noticing changes within a few days.  At first, I thought they weren’t very good changes.  I was worried about her.  She twitched pretty severely the first time I put it on her.   After the first two days, I woke up to her back legs kicking rapidly, like she couldn’t control it.  At one point she was kicking so rapidly it was spinning her around, and I was really panicking.  She kept licking at her legs and was kind of freaking out, and that continued but got less extreme over the course of a week.


[Note from Assisi Animal Health: we have had some reports (from humans) of feelings of warmth, tingling or twitching when first using our product. This is due to increased blood flow to the treated area. If the muscles in the treated area had insufficient blood flow due to the condition or injury, there can be a physical sensation at first. With repeated treatments, the tissue starts healing and the tingling or twitching subsides.]


CJ:  Wow, were you scared?


Mike:   I talked to Dr. Woodruff, (BUB’s vet) and asked if I should keep doing it or stop.  He said, keep going with it.  Within a week I noticed things were getting way better, and the twitching pretty much stopped.   They continued to get way better over the course of the last month and a half or two we’ve had it.  She is now, like I said, the best she’s been since she was a kitten.  Also, her mood is better.  She purrs every day again.  She’s very lively.  She plays with toys, which she hasn’t done in a while.


CJ:   When did the twitching stop?


Mike: It took a few days but as the twitching slowed down it was traded for mobility.  So at first it was 80% twitching and 20% mobility, then it was 60% twitching and 40% mobility.  Now she doesn’t twitch at all and moves around like a champ.


CJ:  Do you think the healing effects of the Loop will affect BUBs stardom by making her more normal?


Mike:  I think that what draws people to BUB is her determination and ability to overcome these obstacles she’s been presented with life.  This recovery only supports that notion.  She is still an amazing space cat.  To be honest, all I really care about is that she is feeling better, I don’t really care if she’s famous so long as she’s healthy.


We couldn’t be happier that the Loop is making such a difference for BUB, her Dude Mike, and everyone who loves her.  If you know an animal suffering from pain, inflammation, neurological disease or who has to get surgery, check out the Assisi Loop to see if tPEMF therapy can help.


Also be sure to check out Lil BUB’s big movie, coming out soon.  You can see the trailer here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx6cY84XmwU


Check out her book at www.lilbubslilbook.com


Find out more about the Assisi Loop at www.assisianimalhealth.com