As you may know, Assisi Animal Health recently released the Assisi Loop Lounge™, a total body solution for small animals that employs the Assisi Loop®’s clinically proven, FDA cleared tPEMF™ signal. The Loop Lounge models have been designed to fit inside Sleepypod®’s award-winning Atom and Air carriers.


We have learned a lot about our targeted PEMF technology in the process and plan to apply the Lounge’s patent-applied-for advances to future product releases. You’ll want to stay tuned as we continue to expand Assisi Loop technology to new therapeutic platforms.


One notable discovery is related to the depth of the therapeutic treatment field that is generated by the Loop Lounge. Extensive testing was performed on the Loop Lounge therapy pads to ensure a consistent therapeutic field that was clinically effective for an animal being treated inside a Sleepypod carrier. As a result of this work, our engineering team developed a more sophisticated signal indicator that could measure depth-of-field above the multiple coils in the therapy pad.


When applying this new signal indicator to both sizes of the Assisi Loop, we realized that we have been UNDERREPRESENTING the therapeutic range of the product. We are pleased to announce that our treatment field is nearly double the depth and much wider than we thought! What this means to you is a significant expansion of the therapeutic range of the Loop.


20 cm AssisiLoop_TX Field_Vertical.pngThe 20 cm (7.5 inches) Assisi Loop delivers a clinically effective therapeutic signal to damaged tissue that is positioned within the perimeter of a barrel-shaped treatment zone, as illustrated. The effective treatment zone (ETZ) extends 25 cm (10 inches) above and below the plane of the applicator coil (i.e. 50 cm or 20 inches, from end-to-end). The diameter of the ETZ is 25 cm (10 inches) at its widest point around the applicator coil and 20 cm (7.5”) at its ends.


The ETZ for the 10 cm (4 inches) Loop extends 12.5 cm (5 inches) above and below the plane of the applicator coil. The diameter of the zone is also 12.5 cm (5 inches) at its widest point around the applicator coil.


AAHA Advertorial Collage no lines.jpgFor example, this means that you can put the 20 cm Loop on a large animal’s hips, and you’ll be able to treat 10 inches across the hips with the Loop placed against the side of an animal. Similarly, if you place the 10 cm Loop coil around the neck of a small animal, it will be treating 5 inches up into the head/ears/mouth and 5 inches down the spine/shoulder area. Pinning the 20 cm Loop to a horse’s blanket will penetrate 10 inches into the shoulder and/or torso if you’re treating inflammation internally.


This is great news for the versatility of both the 10 cm and the 20 cm Loops.


Call or email our customer service team if you have any questions about this news. We’re super excited both about the release of the Loop Lounge and about the greater treatment range for the Loop.