In the second part of our series on arthritis treatment in dogs (and cats)- we share yet another happy story of a pet whose quality of life had been deteriorating severely before they were introduced to the Loop. Millie’s amazing owner “translated” her story below.


Introduction to Millie by her Veterinarian, Dr. Erin Troy of Muller Veterinary Hospital:


Millie is a once-in-a-lifetime patient.  She is full of life, full of love, and full of many, many medical challenges. She has a wonderful family to steer her through her life’s journey.  When Millie had a sudden flare of her multi-limb osteoarthritis we became very worried about her quality of life. She was really suffering from a lot of pain.  Enter the Assisi loop —- read about her remarkable response and return to mobility and comfort.

Millie’s Story:


Hi, my name is Miss Millie B and I am a 7-year-old “Red Fox” Labrador Retriever.  My vet, Dr. Erin Troy, introduced us to the Assisi Loop in early November 2012.  She had been using it successfully on a number of her “difficult” clients and suggested we might want to try it.  I had developed an acute onset of osteoarthritis affecting my left front and right rear legs, rendering it nearly impossible for me to stand or walk by myself.


I spent most of my first 5 years of life familiarizing myself with a variety of veterinary clinics due to genetic knee problems.  I survived two unsuccessful left rear leg surgeries when I was 1 year old to correct those knee issues.  Because of this, my “parents” were very concerned about treatment options for this unexpected arthritis attack.


After both leg surgeries, I had been given several anti-inflammatory agents, to which I was highly allergic and resulted in three emergency hospitalizations for severe bleeding.  I now have permanent Inflammatory Bowel Disease, requiring strict dietary and medication restrictions and minimal treatment options.


Enter the Assisi Loop!!!


Non-invasive, simple, relaxing and effective! During the acute phase of this arthritic episode, my folks took turns “looping” all of my extremities and within ten days, I was not only walking and climbing stairs again but able to get in a few short runs with my favorite ball in our back yard! I sleep during these fifteen-minute treatments as I find it so enjoyable and it makes my pain disappear.  I can’t explain how it works, but it does!


Since then, we use the loop only when we notice, particularly on rainy days, that I begin to favor one of my limbs again.


Thank you, Assisi Loop people for developing such an innovative treatment modality for pets like me!


Sincerely yours,

Millie B.

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