We are pleased to share another story of an Assisi Patient, Pascal, in the words of his owner, Meryl Price.

Pascal’s Tale


Pascalwithfootball_zpseb78c9af“I feel so fortunate that my wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Marty Goldstein, and the Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, introduced me to the Assisi Portable loop for my baby poodle who was seriously injured at three months old.
He fell — broke a disc in his neck and tore a ligament.  He was put into a full cast and then moved to a smaller cast.




When I put the device on his neck he would just lay down and close his eyes. I applied it twice a day for six months and then reduced the application to once a day.  After the cast was removed, I used the Assisi device to continue the healing process.


Even though he is healed now, the cold weather seems to bother him and he appears stiff in his neck area. I continue to apply the device once a day when he’s resting and I see he is not as stiff.PascalgettingtreatmentwithAssisiLoop_zps328a2d4c


I am so grateful for your advice throughout the entire time he was so ill.  I will be one of your customers that will apply the Assisi device for his whole life.


Thank you again for helping us and making such a wonderful product.

Best, Meryl Price”


We are so grateful that Pascal is doing well. Ms. Price was extremely worried about him when she first contacted us. Now he appears to be happy and healthy and loves playing with his football. There are many stories like this when people use the Assisi Portable and we are pleased to continue to share them with you.  Feel free to email us if you have stories you would like us to “Spotlight.”


All the best,

Kaysie Dannemiller

Assisi Animal Health
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