Piraka, a 13-year-old bearded dragon, has suffered from lifelong poor circulation in her tail. Due to the poor circulation, Piraka’s tail experiences extreme shedding that poses a risk to her health and results in loss of sections, leaving her with a shorter and shorter tail throughout the years.


Piraka was surrendered to her current owner, Melissa Horlock, when she just about one-year-old. Since then, Melissa has struggled to treat Piraka’s condition with diet, lighting, environment, and soaking in water with little improvement.


The most recent shedding that Piraka experienced was the worst yet, according to Melissa. There seemed to be no circulation in most of her tail and Piraka had a loss in appetite and energy.


After seeing success in using the Assisi Loop as an electromagnetic therapy for animals with the agility dogs she treats, and without any other options, Melissa decided to try out the Assisi Loop on Piraka. Within the course of 15 treatments over 25 days, Melissa reports that Piraka has shown vast improvement with the Assisi Loop. “Her appetite and alertness are amazing. Before Looping her, she had mostly stopped eating. Her tail has improved some, but the most dramatic improvement in her appetite and alertness.”


Finally, Piraka was enjoying her dinner again.

Since the treatments, Piraka has gained weight due to her appetite returning and is looking well. She will likely lose the last section of her tail, but the rest is reported to be doing much better.


“It was definitely an experiment on my part and I’m glad it worked,” Melissa says.


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