It’s always a frustrating experience to have an animal suffering from a mysterious ailment, and being limited in treatment options. In this case, the Assisi Loop was availed to provide much-needed relief to Simon, a 15-year-old rescue cat suffering from lifelong gastrointestinal issues. Here is Simon’s case, presented by his owner, Lynn Crain, a retired vet tech with experience in the rehabilitation field.


Simon’s Story


Simon was born in January 2001 at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. His mother was one of 30 rescued cats out of a 60-cat household

Unfortunately, the litter that Simon was born in had problems from the very beginning. Within the first few days of birth, all kittens started having mysterious diarrhea symptoms. It looked like a white cottage cheese! Being a full-service clinic, we ran every known exam— and still no answers. We sent out blood work to two universities. This was something we had not encountered. We were never able to diagnose the problem.

Out of four kittens in the litter, Simon has had constant GI problems since the day he was born. Simon has been plagued with bloating of his stomach so bad that as a kitten, he would turn himself over like a turtle and not be able to right himself up. You could thump his stomach like a watermelon.

This had continued throughout his life. His severe bloating at times was so bad that you could hear it across the room, or it would wake you up in the middle of the night with the grumbling. He had been on many different foods and combinations of meds, along with probiotics and digestive enzymes.


In May 2014, after mild repeated attacks of pancreatitis, Simon had an acute attack so severe he was in the ICU for almost a week. He barely survived, was half his weight, and was so weak he could barely stand. It was months of recovery.


He continues to have digestive issues. We found a combination of low dose steroids, Gas X and probiotics to help, but it was moderate, and Simon was in discomfort the majority of the time. Having no other alternatives for Simon, I contacted Dr. Deirdre Chiaramonte, a former colleague, and we started our study on him with the Assisi Loop.


The first few times that I placed the Loop across the abdominal area, he was highly reactive. He did not want to stay still, smelling it and moving out from underneath it. I was only able to complete two treatments per day as he would not tolerate a third. Within four days, he was relaxing and letting me do three treatments per day.


I have seen a decrease in his GI problems so much that now, during treatments, he completely relaxes and goes to sleep. He is not reacting in any manner to the Loop being on him. He is at the point of being off all medication except occasional gas-X.


The improvement has been remarkable. I know I can sleep through the night without being woken up by his stomach. He now can sleep through the night.

On November 6th, 2014 Simon had an unfortunate accident of unknown origin. He cut and semi de-gloved his tail at the very tip. I was fortunate enough to be working with the Loop and added his tail to the treatment. He accepted the additional treatment without any reaction. His primary veterinarian, Dr. Jen Matthews of Estero Animal Hospital in Estero, Florida, is pleased that he is healing nicely.


As I am a total believer in the alternative medicine field, I have seen remarkable results in pain management and wound healing. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I have a more comfortable cat that appears to enjoy his treatments.


Thank you to Lynn for sharing Simon’s story. The Assisi team is pleased to hear how much Simon has recovered thanks to the Loop, and how it has helped both of you. A good night’s sleep is important!


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