Introduction by Autumn’s Rehabilitation Provider, Lis Conarton LVT, CCRP, Veterinary Medical Center of CNY


Lis Conarton LVT, CCRPAutumn is a spirited 18-year old Maine Coon who was suffering from long-term effects of osteoarthritis and chronic inflammation, which decreased her quality of life. Shortly after beginning a physical rehabilitation program we added on the Assisi Loop. This addition allowed Autumn’s owner to provide therapy at home which was otherwise not possible. Autumn never tolerated massage or grooming even through her early show years! The ability for owners to continue treatment at home is essential and Assisi Loop Therapy provides this for Autumn and her family.


Autumn’s story


My name is Ellen Toll and Autumn is my beautiful 18-year old calico Maine Coon. About five years ago, I noticed her slowing down quite a bit, not jumping or running and needing “kitty stairs” to access her favorite spots. About a year ago, I noticed she was having issues walking. In particular, her hind legs seemed to “slide” out from underneath her. In a complete panic, we visited our vet for an evaluation. X-rays revealed that Autumn was suffering from osteoarthritis. Interestingly enough, her blood work was near perfect for a geriatric kitty, so it was time to dive completely into the mobility issue.


Autumn Assisi Loop 5

The stars must have been aligned because our vet was taking her dog for PT and suggested that I may want to try it. Enter Lis Conarton from Veterinary Medical Center of CNY! Autumn met with Lis once a week for several weeks and during the first real PT visit, Lis introduced the Assisi Loop into the routine. Almost immediately, I could see a difference in the way Autumn was walking. I had to purchase one to use at home. I use the loop at home on her three times a day – six if I can catch her laying on her other side! She will actually lay still while I place the loop on her and I get the feeling that she knows it helps her. She is on pain meds and she still needs PT every three weeks, but overall, I believe having the Assisi Loop treatment at home makes a huge difference in her quality of life. I am certain that without these treatments, she wouldn’t be with me now.


Autumn Assisi Loop 1

Autumn will never walk perfectly again, but I know I have done everything possible to ensure her remaining days with me, which I hope will be many, are as pain-free as possible.