Help Your Cats Heal.

Assisi technology allows you to treat your cat’s pain and inflammation in the comfort of home.

Assisi LOOP® Products Are Proven to Reduce Pain and Accelerate Healing

Assisi LOOP® therapy employs a targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF™) signal specifically tuned to stimulate the body’s natural anti-inflammatory process, lowering pain while speeding the healing. Assisi LOOP products are available without a prescription for cats under veterinary care. They are effectively used in a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Post-surgical recovery and wound care
  • Spinal and nerve disorders
  • Internal inflammation such as pancreatitis, cystitis, and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Other inflammatory conditions such as gingivitis, stomatitis, rhinosinusitis and hyperesthesia
  • Issues related to aging, such as osteoarthritis
  • Bone and joint injuries, and soft tissues


Assisi LOOP®

Our flagship product – which can be hidden under your cat’s favorite blanket or placed directly on the affected area – is the perfect way to manage acute pain and inflammation.

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Assisi LOOP Lounge®

For nose-to-tail treatment, try our extra small or small lounges! Perfect for chronic conditions or for simultaneous treatment of multiple inflammatory issues.

Feline sized lounges are compatible with Sleepypod® carriers. This comfy carrier, which has the Lounge embedded in the base, provides full-body treatment on the go. Perfect for anyone who travels with their cat – or anyone with a cat who dislikes going to the veterinarian.

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