Assisi Signal Indicator Card


The Assisi Signal Indicator Card is an optional accessory for our family of tPEMF products and can provide visual assurance of the integrity of the tPEMF signal. The Signal Indicator card will blink when placed, as instructed, within the perimeter of the Loop or flat against the Loop Lounge therapy pad to confirm the signal output of the Loop or the Loop Lounge.



Each Assisi Loop is tested rigorously before being placed in the package for shipment. As long as there is no notable damage to the coil sheath or to the rubberized plastic case, you and your client can rely on the Loop’s signal to perform effectively for the design life of the product. Some long-term Loop users, however, like to be able to confirm the integrity of the signal from time-to-time. For this reason, we offer the Assisi Signal Indicator Card—in the size of a standard credit card—that blinks to confirm the signal of a Loop when placed, as instructed, within the perimeter of the Loop.

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