Assisi Loop Lounge® Small tPEMF System




Offering the same patented tPEMF™ therapy as the flagship Assisi Loop product, the small Assisi Loop Lounge is a 10 inch by 21-inch rechargeable pad that offers full-body relief from pain and inflammation.



  1. Durable, water-resistant, and washable fabric cover
  2. Patented Induct-a-Coil™ technology provides even and consistent therapy throughout the entire pad
  3. Rechargeable controller box designed to deliver 6,000 treatments
  4.  Power supply cord


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Product Details:

  1. Pad weight: 8 oz
  2. Pad thickness: 1 inch

NOTE: Do not use near large metal objects (metal dog crates, stainless steel exam and treatment tables, etc.) as doing so may reduce beneficial effects.

Additional information
Weight 64 oz

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