Two Product Lines.
One Goal.

Happier Pets.

From pain and inflammation to separation anxiety and other behavior disorders, our Assisi LOOP® and Calmer Canine®products use time-tested tPEMF™ technology to accelerate healing and improve well-being.

Advancing the Science of Healing

Browse our full line of Assisi LOOP® products designed to reduce pain and inflammation while promoting faster healing.

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Calmer Canine®

The Drug-Free Solution to Separation Anxiety

Learn more about this revolutionary device that specifically targets the anxiety center in a dog’s brain to help restore a calm emotional state.

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Learn more about tPEMF™ technology

Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) technology is a safe, FDA-cleared, clinically-proven alternative for treating pain, inflammation, and behavior disorders in animals.

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Assisi LOOP and Calmer Canine products are
Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Inflammatory Devices (NPAID).