How large is the DentaLOOP field of therapy?

The depth of the treatment field is 4”-5” to either side of the coil. The DentaLOOP field of therapy delivers the same clinically effective therapeutic signal as the Assisi Loop to damaged tissue that is positioned within the perimeter of a barrel-shaped treatment zone, as illustrated. See videos on placement.

Can the DentaLOOP be used over a metal (typically stainless steel) crown?

The amount of metal in a stainless steel crown is not sufficient to affect the therapeutic benefit of the DentaLOOP. The DentaLOOP should be used away from large metal objects (such as a metal exam table) to obtain maximum therapeutic benefit.

I have a problem with my DentaLOOP, what should I do?

Please contact customer service at 866-830-7342 to troubleshoot. Should we need to replace your DentaLOOP, you’ll need to go through your point of purchase to facilitate the return and replacement.

How do I make sure the DentaLOOP stays in place?

Keeping the pet in your lap or in a contained area can be helpful in ensuring the full treatment is completed. Alternatively, Assisi has developed a specialized bonnet (sold separately) that will hold the DentaLOOP in the correct position on the pet, ensuring optimal therapy.

Please note that if you plan to use a metal crate for treatment, the metal can diminish the impact of the treatment. While it is not dangerous, it will likely reduce the dose received.

Where can I buy the DentaLOOP?

Go to our distributor page to look for distributors, or you can purchase directly from Assisi Animal Health.

How do I responsibly dispose of the LOOP or DentaLOOP?

Please take your used device to any store that offers electronics recycling such as BestBuy or Staples. This will allow for responsible disposal of the lithium batteries as well as the copper wire.

Why can’t I replace the battery for the DentaLOOP?

There is a medical and a regulatory basis for the DentaLOOP sealed case. As a condition for clearing the DentaLOOP as a medical device, the FDA required that it be able to deliver its patented, therapeutic waveform consistently over its entire design life of treatments. Sealing all of its operating components inside the case—the applicator connections to the circuit board, signal generator, microprocessor, power supply and the battery—provided the FDA with the required assurance of signal integrity. Breaking the case seal for any reason renders the device non-compliant with the conditions of its 510(k) clearance.

How long will the DentaLOOP last?

Each DentaLOOP is guaranteed to deliver 60, 15-minute treatments. To get the guaranteed number of treatments from your DentaLOOP, do not use the device more frequently than once every 2 hours.

Can the DentaLOOP be used in patients that have oral cancer such as Melanoma?

There is no evidence to suggest that the DentaLOOP is harmful in cancer cases. As with any effective therapy, care should be taken to observe the patient closely and monitor for any signs of problems.

What is the Return Policy?

Due to the medical nature of our products, all items from our anti-inflammatory line, including the Assisi Loop, the Assisi Loop Lounges, and accessories, are final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned.* This is for the health and safety of our customers and pet patients.

If an item is sealed within its original shipping box, exceptions may be made.

Quality Assurance and Replacements:

Should your item fail or is otherwise defective due to manufacturing error, when used within protocol, and before the amount of guaranteed treatments are delivered, we would be happy to replace your item.

For replacements or exception requests, please contact us at or give us a call at 866-830-7342.

*Our anti-anxiety line, Calmer Canine, offers its own 30-day return policy.

I have a problem with my Assisi Loop®. What should I do?

Assisi Animal Health guarantees the quality of its products. If you believe your Loop has a factory defect, please call our offices at 866-830-7342. If the Loop is defective, we will gladly replace it at no cost.