How do I make sure the DentaLOOP stays in place?

We offer a specially designed bonnet (sold separately) that can be used to hold the DentaLOOP in the ideal position to treat your pet’s mouth. Like with all medical devices, your pet should not be left unattended during use.

How large is the DentaLOOP field of therapy?

The depth of the treatment field is 4”-5” to either side of the coil. The DentaLOOP field of therapy delivers the same clinically effective therapeutic signal as the Assisi Loop to damaged tissue that is positioned within the perimeter of a barrel-shaped treatment zone, as illustrated. See videos on placement.

Can the DentaLOOP be used over a metal (typically stainless steel) crown?

The amount of metal in a stainless steel crown is not sufficient to affect the therapeutic benefit of the DentaLOOP. The DentaLOOP should be used away from large metal objects (such as a metal exam table) to obtain maximum therapeutic benefit.

What should I do if the DentaLOOP is too small to fit over my pet’s muzzle?

Please position the DentaLoop to run parallel to the underside of your pet’s muzzle or parallel to your pets muzzle depending on issue being treated. Please reach out to your veterinarian to confirm placement of the device. Check out our placement videos.

I have a Loop at home already, can I just use that instead of a DentaLOOP?

While yes, you can use our original Assisi Loop, the DentaLOOP is specifically designed to be used for treating your pet’s oral issues with its size and bonnet for positioning.

How long does my pet need to wear the DentaLOOP?

Your pet will only wear the device during the 15 minute treatment session. Your pet should be supervised at all times during treatment to ensure the device stays in place and your pet does not chew on the device.

How much does the DentaLOOP cost?

Please create an account and log in for pricing or ask your veterinarian.

I have an implanted lead device (i.e. pacemaker) is it safe for me to treat my pet with the DentaLOOP?

While it is safe for you to use the DentaLOOP on your pet, please ensure the DentaLOOP is either below your waist, or have the DentaLOOP at least 10-12” away from the implanted device.

Can my dog be in his crate for the 15 minute DentaLOOP treatment?

Yes, as long as your dog’s crate does not contain metal, as metal distracts the signal, and may reduce the efficacy of the treatment.

I have a problem with my DentaLOOP, what should I do?

Please contact customer service at 866-830-7342 to troubleshoot. Should we need to replace your DentaLOOP, you’ll need to go through your point of purchase to facilitate the return and replacement.

How do I make sure the DentaLOOP stays in place?

Keeping the pet in your lap or in a contained area can be helpful in ensuring the full treatment is completed. Alternatively, Assisi has developed a specialized bonnet (sold separately) that will hold the DentaLOOP in the correct position on the pet, ensuring optimal therapy.

Please note that if you plan to use a metal crate for treatment, the metal can diminish the impact of the treatment. While it is not dangerous, it will likely reduce the dose received.

Where can I buy the DentaLOOP?

Go to our distributor page to look for distributors, or you can purchase directly from Assisi Animal Health.