Unlike diathermy, targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF™) has no contraindication for the treatment of patients with cancer or for post-cancer surgical healing. To the contrary, much of the human clinical trial work that has been done has been for post-mastectomy reconstruction patients. There is a misconception about angiogenesis and cancer, in part due to the development of ‘antiangiogenic’ therapies in oncology. tPEMF has a pro-angiogenic effect but this is different from the angiogenesis of tumors. The angiogenic activity is not normal in tumors as the blood vessels, called tortuous vessels, are poorly formed. tPEMF delivered via the Assisi Loop 2.0 accelerates ongoing anti-inflammatory processes, one outcome of which is the healthy growth of new blood vessels and normal tissue regeneration. tPEMF has been used in peer-reviewed human clinical trials on patients undergoing reconstructive surgery post-cancer with no adverse effects of any kind (Rohde et al., Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2012). FDA has reviewed these studies and the FDA clearance for the human product does not carry a contraindication for treating cancer sites.

While not a contraindication as recognized by the FDA, we recommend against using the Assisi Loop over the tumor site of hemangiosarcoma out of abundance of precaution. The Assisi Loop can be used on a patient with hemangiosarcoma if the area of the condition is distant from the area of the tumor, or can be used for palliative care.