Can I treat with the Assisi Loop Lounge® while traveling, such as in my car?

Yes. The Loop Lounge is especially convenient for long trips. 

Is the Assisi Loop Lounge® covered by pet health insurance?

As a prescribed veterinary medical device, the Assisi Loop Lounge therapy system may be covered by pet health insurance plans that also reimburse for prescription medications. Check your individual policy for confirmation.

What do I do if my Assisi Loop Lounge® stops working?

Please call or email Assisi Customer Service immediately if you suspect your device is not working properly. Our replacement policy seeks to minimize the interruption or loss of your pet’s tPEMF™ therapy as a result of equipment malfunctions. To ensure that your pet benefits from this service, you should register your new Assisi Loop Lounge on-line at

How often can I expect to treat my pet with the Assisi Loop Lounge®?

You should follow the instructions of your veterinary professional regarding how many times to treat your pet each day. Many veterinarians will suggest that you start with two-to-four 15-minute treatments per day for acute and chronic or degenerative conditions.

  • For acute conditions (such as post-surgical treatment or recovery from a trauma), we recommend that you follow the instructions of your veterinarian.  Many veterinarians will recommend that you continue 3 to 4 treatments per day for the first week or so and then taper off for the next 7 to 10 days or until the condition is fully healed.
  • For chronic or degenerative conditions, we recommend that you follow the instructions of your veterinarian.  Many veterinarians will recommend that you continue with 3 to 4 treatments per day for 7 to 10 days and monitor your pet until you see improved mobility and less pain response.  Upon improvement, many veterinarians suggest that you can taper down to 1 or 2 treatments per day or even 1 to 3 treatments per week. Veterinarians find that with some chronic and degenerative conditions, the patient may get to the point that they would only be treated as needed for pain, particularly if it is a condition that is prone to flare-ups.

Ultimately, you want to consider that the Assisi Loop Lounge is working to reduce your pet’s inflammation on a cellular level while accelerating the body’s own healing properties.  We rely on veterinarians to assess your pet and to work with you on the best treatment protocols for your pet’s condition.

How does the Assisi Loop Lounge® work?

The Assisi Loop Lounge incorporates the same technology used in the Assisi Loop® to deliver our patented tPEMF™ anti-inflammatory signal via a convenient therapy pad “Lounge” insert, designed to fit into your Sleepypod® Air or Atom carrier.

I have a problem with my Assisi Loop®. What should I do?

If you believe your Loop has a factory defect, please call our offices at 866-830-7342.

Can I still give my pet his daily medications, acupuncture, or laser treatments?

Yes! The Assisi Loop® is an ideal adjunct therapy, meaning it can be used with other forms of treatment – even the very same day. However, given that the Loop and other treatment options have different mechanisms of action, we recommend that you allow 2 hours between treatments so your pet receives the full benefit of each modality.

How do I make sure it stays in place?

Keeping your pet in your lap or in a contained area can be helpful in ensuring the full treatment is completed.

Please note that if you plan to use a metal crate for treatment, the metal can diminish the impact of the treatment. While it is not dangerous, it will reduce the dose received.  A crate that has a wide wire mesh will not reduce dosing significantly, but a solid metal piece could. Arranging the treatment in the crate so the Loop is on top of the pet, rather than against the crate and pet will reduce any interference.  You may want to add an additional session to compensate for any reduced efficacy. Similarly, using the Loop over a metal implant, in a bed with metal coils, or metal brace will not cause any harm, although it may reduce the dose the pet receives.

If possible, position the Loop so that it is at a 45° angle from the metallic implant or If in a metal crate, 4-5 inches from the metal, as possible.  You may choose to place a thick pad in the kennel or on the bed to allow for this distance.

Will my pet insurance cover the cost of the Assisi Loop®?

Most pet owner insurance will cover prescribed treatments. We recommend that you contact your insurance company for more information.

How long will the Assisi Loop® last?

  • The Assisi Loop 2.0 Manual offers approximately 150 15-minute treatments
  • The Assisi Loop 2.0 Auto-Cycle offers approximately 100 15-minute treatments

The life of the Loop depends on the battery. You’re likely to get more than the number of treatments noted above if you allow the Loop to recharge for 2 hours after every 15-minute treatment. One Assisi Loop can last anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months, depending on the condition being treated and the number of treatments required per day.

How much does the Assisi Loop® cost?

Please create a veterinary or pet owner account on our website, so that you can view pricing in the store.

How do I get the Assisi Loop®?

There are two ways to purchase the Assisi Loop: 1) get one from your veterinarian or animal rehabilitation facility, or 2) purchase one direct from our website