Advancing the Science of Healing

Explore Assisi LOOP® and
LOOP Lounge® Systems

Whether for at home or in-clinic use, the Assisi LOOP® family of products are clinically-proven to:

  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Accelerate healing in soft tissue and bone
  • Decrease or eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals and opioids
  • Work well with other therapies


Assisi LOOP®

Available in manual and automatic versions, the Assisi LOOP® delivers a minimum of 150 15-minute treatments and is ideal for treating acute inflammatory conditions.

The Assisi LOOP Lounge®

The Assisi LOOP Lounge® is designed to provide total body treatment for dogs and cats of all sizes.

With four pad sizes to choose from, each pad is encased in a removable waterproof washable liner and covered in a custom-made washable BuddyRest® fabric cover. The Assisi LOOP Lounge® rechargeable system is designed to deliver 6,000 nose-to-tail tPEMF™ treatments.

For cats and small dogs that may have trouble sitting still or for treatment on the go, choose the Assisi LOOP Lounge® Bundle, featuring award-winning Sleepypod® carriers.