A Drug-Free Solution to Canine Separation Anxiety

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Approximately 17% or 13 million dogs in the US alone are estimated to suffer from canine separation anxiety (CSA), which is anxiety or fear-related behavior that can occur when owners leave their dog alone.

The good news is the problem is solvable.

Calmer Canine® The Solution to Canine Separation Anxiety

Calmer Canine is a highly innovative, gentle, effective, safe and drug-free treatment system for canine separation anxiety. The Calmer Canine device delivers targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) signals to the area of the brain responsible for causing the symptoms of anxiety, effectively returning the anxious brain to a more balanced emotional state – with long-lasting effects.

Calmer Canine Benefits

  • Significantly reduces the signs of CSA.
    Including barking, howling, destruction, house-soiling, panting, pacing, and obsessively looking out windows and door
  • Improves the quality of life.
    Increases the time the dog spends playing, grooming, and resting when home alone.
  • Long-lasting results.
    Results have been shown to last after the therapy has been discontinued in the majority of dogs using Calmer Canine to treat CSA in moderate to severe cases. In addition, the effects of the treatment continue throughout the day, between treatment sessions.
  • May also help with other anxieties.
    Such as thunder phobia, noise sensitivity, travel anxiety, stranger anxiety, and general anxiety.
  • Treatment is well tolerated.
    Treatment is gentle and sensation-free.
  • Effective as a stand-alone therapy and can be safely used in multi-modal therapy.
    Calmer Canine is safe to use with CSA medications, and other treatment modalities. It also complements behavior modification programs.

Calmer Canine Features

  • Battery-operated.
    Comes with an easily removable and replaceable battery (CR123-A, 3- Volt Lithium Primary Cell Battery).
  • Pet owner friendly.
    Treatment requires only two 15-minute sessions daily for 4-6 weeks; the device will turn itself off after the treatment session is over.
  • Convenient.
    The Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System comes with a comfortable, washable, easy to apply vest which holds the device in the optimal position, allowing for hands-free operation.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
    The wearable vest comes in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, and XL) to ensure a good fit.  The Calmer Canine treatment system includes the vest and one of two sized treatment devices (either a 5” diameter coil or a 7” diameter coil). Owners can measure their dogs to select a vest size.
  • Available with or without a vest.
    The device is available without the vest for dogs who dislike wearing garments, or for owners who prefer holding the device in place by hand during treatments.

Technology and Research

Calmer Canine delivers microcurrents of targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) signals to the area of the brain involved in controlling emotions such as anxiety. Assisi is a global leader in the development of tPEMF technology with applications in veterinary medicine. Assisi has developed and conducted rigorous research on the Assisi Loop technology which is incorporated into our Loop and Loop Lounge products.

This highly effective technology has been used to treat pain and inflammation in over 50,000 animals to date across the US and internationally. Building off research conducted at Harvard University suggesting that tPEMF signals similar to that used in the Assisi Loop products were effective in treating people with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, Assisi’s team of veterinarians, engineers and neurobiologists developed a new signal targeting the brain. This signal, delivered by Calmer Canine, is similar to that used in the Assisi Loop family of products, but it differs in certain key characteristics, e.g. the pulse frequency. Similar to the Assisi Loop product line, the Calmer Canine signal is sensation-free, very safe, and very effective. However, instead of targeting pain and inflammation in joints and soft tissues, Calmer Canine’s signal was tuned to a different target -controlling anxiety in the brain. The tPEMF signals are low level and of sufficient strength to affect cellular metabolism and signaling but are below the threshold to cause an action potential. They are invisible and cause no perceptible sensation.

Research Highlights and Results

Assisi completed a pilot study testing the efficacy of Calmer Canine on dogs with separation anxiety. All participating dogs showed a marked reduction of canine separation anxiety symptoms within four weeks of starting treatment. Some dogs showed significant effects within an even shorter timeframe. Many of the dogs in the study retained or even continued to improve after treatments had been discontinued, suggesting long-lasting effects of Calmer Canine treatment.

Affirming the results of the 2019 Calmer Canine pilot study, Assisi completed a placebo-controlled, double-blind North Carolina University Study in December 2021, conclusively demonstrating the independent efficacy of Calmer Canine to significantly reduce separation anxiety (CSA) in dogs. This breakthrough study found that, after just 4 weeks of using Calmer Canine, approximately two-thirds of participating dogs had a 100% or greater improvement in the time they spent relaxing versus anxious when home alone. Many of the dogs retained or even continued to improve after treatments had been discontinued, suggesting long-lasting effects of Calmer Canine.

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