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Assisi Loop® 2.0 20cm Auto-Cycle

If you do not need the Loop to automatically start a treatment every two hours, you will want to purchase the manual Loop.  You can find the manual unit here.


The 20cm 2.0 Auto-Cycle Loop has a diameter of 20cms (7.5 inches) and a treatment depth of 10 inches on either side of the black coil applicator. This size is appropriate for conditions that cover a larger area of the body. Conditions that cover an area larger than 20cms in diameter may require treatment in multiple locations to cover the full area. Once turned on, the 2.0 Auto-Cycle Loop delivers a 15-minute treatment automatically every two hours until it is turned off by the user. It is especially convenient for post-op or acute care when it can be attached over the injury or surgical site. It is also popular for horses as it can be attached to a blanket or leg wrap. The battery in this item cannot be recharged or replaced. To optimize battery life, we recommend that the unit be turned off when not attached to the pet. This model is guaranteed to deliver a minimum of 100 treatments.

If you do not need the Loop to automatically start a treatment every two hours, you will want to purchase the manual Loop. You can find the manual unit here.


Assisi Loop 2.0 Auto-Cycle

  • Available in two sizes: 10cm (4 in) and 20cm (7.5 in)
  • Preferred for acute care following surgery or injury
  • Offers preprogrammed treatment for ongoing acute issues:  
  • The Automatic treats for 15 minutes every two hours. This is particularly useful when treating post-operatively in clinic.
  • Offers a minimum of 100 15-minute treatments
  • Non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment for pain and inflammation
  • Lightweight
  • Treats directly through wraps, dressings, and casts
  • Easy to administer at home or in a clinical setting


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