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News about the Loop's Treatment Field

Dec 17, 2018
As you may know, Assisi Animal Health recently released the Assisi Loop Lounge™, a total body solution for small animals that employs the Assisi Loop®’s clinically proven, FDA cleared tPEMF™ signal. The Loop Lounge models have been designed to fit inside Sleepypod®’s award-winning Atom and Air carriers. Read More
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tPEMF™ and Pain Management: A Clinical Research Update

Nov 05, 2018
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) has been advocated for pain reduction and improving wound healing;4 however, until recently, controlled clinical studies in veterinary medicine were lacking. The publication of new research results shows compelling evidence supporting the use of targeted PEMF for the treatment of pain in canine intervertebral disc disease. Read More

In the Loop with Five Common Equine Medical Issues

Sep 05, 2018
Like human athletes, equestrian champions have some special medical concerns that can be more severe or more urgent than their more leisurely counterparts. To get a feel for what types of issues equine athletes come up against most often, Assisi spoke with renowned racehorse trainer Ron Gurfein about the vexing issues he saw most often in the thousands of horses he worked with since he entered the industry in the 1960s. Read More
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Out of Africa: Assisi Loop's Effect on a Green Mamba Snake

Aug 22, 2018
Caring for a pet after surgery can be a challenge but is often straightforward. The story changes when the patient is a highly venomous West African green mamba snake. Learn about how Vera, the green mambo snake recovered from surgery more quickly when the team at Jacksonville Zoo added the Assisi Loop to her treatment plan. Read More

Treating Chronic Rhinosinusitis in a Cat with the Assisi Loop

Jun 22, 2018
Learn how the Assisi Loop helped Cabo with his "skull 'o' inflammation". He has chronic Rhinosinusitis and Otitis. He struggled to breath and was constantly stuffed up. He was rescued by Dr. Elena Contreras, and she used the Loop to help reduce his inflammation and now Cabo is much more comfortable and producing notably less "snot rockets", as Dr. Contreras likes to say. Read More

How the Assisi Loop helps dogs with IVDD

May 25, 2018
Intervertebral Disc Disease is notorious for striking low dogs with long backs (think dachshunds, basset hounds and corgis), but any breed and size of dog is susceptible. IVDD occurs when the cushiony discs between the vertebrae lose volume or slide out of place (a slipped disc). Symptoms can range from simply having a "bad back" with some soreness, to having intense spasms of pain, to - in its worst iterations - causing paralysis and incontinence. Read More
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NCSU Releases New Pain Scale for Cats

Apr 12, 2018
By measuring things like willingness to jump, whether the condition has gotten worse, or a decrease in appetite, the The Feline Musculoskeletal Pain Index (FMPI) can help pet owners and vets assess what type of treatment their cat would most benefit from. The FMPI, developed by Dr. Duncan Lascelles, BVSc, PhD, DACVS, is a “Clinical Metrology Instrument;” a tool for scoring the degree to which a cat is in pain through a questionnaire that measures the cat’s mobility, agility and disposition. The FMPI is the only clinically validated instrument for diagnosing and monitoring feline chronic joint pain. Read More
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Announcing the new Assisi Loop Clinical Use Guide

Feb 21, 2018
Learn about the new Assisi Loop Clinical Use guide, developed by a team of experienced veterinary clinicians to assist Veterinary Professionals in making treatment recommendations to their clients for best results. It offers 40 step-by-step, illustrated protocols for applying the Loop to almost 300 inflammatory conditions affecting different parts of your patient's anatomy. Read More
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Assisi Animal Health announces the completion of its first clinical trial

Feb 01, 2018
North Carolina State study with Dr. Natasha Olby is successful Read More
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Lil BUB and Her Long-Term Assisi Loop Treatment

Jan 12, 2018
Lil Bub's Dude talks about how the Assisi Loop has changed her life. Read More
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