Anyone who has both a cat and a dog knows they are not the same and it is a mistake to treat them like they are. The needs of a cat differ greatly from their canine counterpart. Felines, in particular, have a different view of life, are mysterious, and frequently live the life of an independent contractor. Over the years, their aloof attitude has led to some unusual tall tales about cat health and pain relief for cats.



  1. Cats that live indoors do not need vaccines! Not true. Cats are susceptible to germs either in an airborne situation or via your clothing or shoes. If you also have a dog in the family, think about feline exposure to what the dog brings into the house. Talk to your vet about appropriate indoor protection.
  2. Cats cannot be trained!! Myth, cats can most definitely be trained to do many things and working with your cat reinforces your bond. Starting as early as the litterbox introduction, cats are quick learners and enjoy the stimulation of a challenge.
  3. Cats have 9 lives! Myth. While they are agile and can frequently get themselves out of tough situations, in reality, they have one life and it is our job to protect it. Regular veterinary care is important to the cat’s life, including a dental check and regular vaccines. And don’t forget mandated rabies protection.
  4. Cats always land on their feet! Another myth! If you spend much time at your vet, there are always cat carriers filled with bandaged or injured cats. Cats frequently sustain injuries from falls out of trees and out of windows. In reality, the low falls create the most damage, because the cat does not have time to re-position itself for a safe landing.
  5. Cats like a saucer of cream! Often portrayed lapping at a bowl of milk, cats actually have an intolerance for too much dairy, leading to intestinal distress. Cat foods are designed to provide just the right amount of nutrition for our feline friends and to balance nutrition with a formula that takes into account lifestyle, exercise and obesity.


The Assisi Loop is an NPAID (non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory device) that controls pain and inflammation while avoiding the need for pilling. The device is used in the home, is lightweight and readily accepted by cats. If your cat is experiencing pain, ask your vet about the Assisi Loop.