Coming Soon – Calmer Canine™, an Anxiety Management System for Dogs




The ASSISI LOOP-AID Torso Wrap is a lightweight, durable garment onto which the Assisi Loops are attached. The Torso Wrap is designed to stay on the pet for the duration of their daily treatments, and has adjustable, moveable Velcro attachments for securing the Loop in the area of need. The Wrap makes the treatment convenient for the pet owner, assures compliance with veterinary instructions, and allows the dog full mobility during treatment.

The Torso Wrap comes in seven sizes, ranging from XXS-XL and has a size specifically for long-low breeds. Made of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. The Torso Wrap is washable in cold water using mild detergent. It dries quickly on a flat surface.



Signal Indicator Card

Each Assisi Loop is tested rigorously before being placed in the package for shipment. As long as there is no notable damage to the coil sheath or to the rubberized plastic case, you and your client can rely on the Loop’s signal to perform effectively for the design life of the product. Some long-term Loop users, however, like to be able to confirm the integrity of the signal from time-to-time. For this reason, we offer the Assisi Signal Indicator Card—in the size of a standard credit card—that blinks to confirm the signal of a Loop when placed, as instructed, within the perimeter of the Loop.


Loop Lounge Atom Cover


Loop Lounge Air Cover